What’s the distinction between The Eczema Detox and The Eczema Eating regimen?

The Eczema Detox was launched just lately in 2018, and we have since obtained dozens of emails asking what the primary variations are between my two books on eczema. Properly, there’s a lot …

What’s completely different about The Eczema Detox?

Initially, what’s the identical? Eczema Detox follows the identical rules as the unique eczema weight loss plan ebook, as each books focus on the important roles that chemical intolerances and meals intolerances play within the onset of eczema. Due to this fact, each books can be utilized collectively.

Nevertheless, the brand new detox ebook is completely different in some ways:

1. Eczema Detox accommodates MANY extra recipes, with scrumptious photographs to encourage and make it simple and pleasurable to observe.

Eczema detox recipes

2. Eczema Detox accommodates my new and up to date ‘Meals Intolerance Diagnostic Program (FID)’ that can assist you resolve your particular triggers. That is vital for anybody with pores and skin irritation, as allergy assessments are sometimes inaccurate. The FID program gives you a transparent indication of the forms of chemical compounds and meals you might be illiberal or allergic to – understanding your triggers is the important thing to clearing up your pores and skin!

3. Eczema Detox additionally accommodates new remedies and suggestions that I’ve compiled from the final 5 years working with HARD circumstances of eczema, psoriasis and pink pores and skin syndrome / TSW.

4. He additionally has a separate detox program (scrumptious) …

5. And I’ve omitted many of the scientific data (dietary chemistry, which I really like), so it’s a lot simpler to leap proper into this system and cleanse the pores and skin.

The eczema weight loss plan

The Eczema Diet Book

1. Alternatively, the ebook The Eczema Eating regimen accommodates extra scientific data (how the weight loss plan works biochemically, with diagrams and a whole bunch of scientific references). Due to this fact, this ebook is right for individuals who need to know technically WHY it really works and WHERE the analysis got here from.

2. The Eczema Eating regimen ebook is right for NORMAL eczema, however for very troublesome circumstances of eczema (that’s, you probably have severe chemical intolerances or head to toe eczema or you could have a number of allergic reactions), The Eczema Detox is a greater ebook for you.


I’ve been advised that The Eczema Detox (the brand new ebook) is way simpler to observe; I feel having the recipe images, pores and skin dysfunction charts, and meals lists actually assist folks to take pleasure in and perceive the brand new eczema detox program.

Eczema Detox can be helpful for straightforward and troublesome circumstances of eczema and different forms of pores and skin irritation; For those who’ve tried every thing and nothing has labored for you, The Eczema Detox is the ebook for you.

Learn the primary a part of The Eczema Detox totally free >>


At Eczema Life, we advocate nutritionist Karen Fischer program of low chemical content material in meals (The Eczema Detox) collectively with dietary supplements with out components for the well being and well-being of the pores and skin. Click on the photographs to see extra particulars:

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