Final week we talked about Symmetric or basic vitiligo and its therapy in kids. In the present day we dedicate this text to the opposite nice variant of this illness: the Segmental Vitiligo.

Segmental Vitiligo in kids manifests itself in the identical means as in adults, presenting the next signs:

  • It manifests itself on just one facet of the physique.
  • When it seems, it often advances for about 3-6 months, after which it stays steady indefinitely.
  • Within the affected areas the hair / hair is white (depigmented). This is because of an absence of melanoblast (stem cell) reserves within the hair roots. The consequence is the entire absence of melanocytes within the areas affected by Segmental Vitiligo.

Instance of grownup Segmental Vitiligo earlier than and after therapy:

sec before after1

In instances of Grownup Segmental Vitiligo, a therapy primarily based solely on Phototherapy will not be efficient. That is because of the complete absence of melanocytes within the hair roots that stops us from having the supply to create new melanocytes with photostimulation (extra INFO right here)

Nonetheless, expertise has proven us that this circumstance varies barely within the case of minors. Certainly, if we’re coping with a really current Vitiligo that presents Segmental signs, it’s attainable to acquire optimistic outcomes with a therapy primarily based solely on photostimulation with UV gentle. We speak about instances during which Segmental Vitiligo is growing or newly consolidated (3-6 months from the looks of the primary signs).

That’s the reason in these instances the principle possibility is therapy with Phototherapy, leaving instead in case of failure, therapy with Melanocyte Micrograft.

As already outlined in our article final week, the really useful minimal age for therapy with Melanocyte Micrograft ranges between 12-14 years, though every case should be assessed individually. Here’s a video in which you’ll see what this method consists of:

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