Allergic Contact Dermatitis in Youngsters (II) – Questions and Solutions with Dr. Steve Xu – Eczema Blues

This can be a continuation of final week’s interview with Dr. Steve Xu MD MSc, the place we mentioned contact dermatitis, the variations between irritant and phone dermatitis, the highest 10 pediatric contact allergens in private hygiene merchandise, and the sensible consideration of when to suspect contact dermatitis in a baby. .

About ‘light’ skincare merchandise

MarcieMom: I’ve emphasised on my weblog that the less substances, the much less doubtless it’s to annoy (as on this skilled interview and in addition within the moisturizer choice submit)

It may possibly virtually be troublesome to discover a skincare product with lower than 10 substances! Pharmaceutical firms appear so as to add extra substances to their formulation to ‘improve’ their product to 1 that may restore lipids and ceramides to the pores and skin, cut back itching and bacterial an infection.

MarcieMom: Is there a pattern in direction of extra substances within the formulation of skincare merchandise? AND it is an actual danger Or can shoppers assume that product firms would have tried their more and more advanced formulation that will not trigger contact dermatitis?

Dr. Steve Xu: Once more, labels like ‘hypoallergenic’ or ‘delicate pores and skin’ do not actually imply something. The Meals and Drug Administration doesn’t regulate this definition. Shoppers ought to pay attention to this.

I would not say there’s a pattern in direction of extra substances in skincare merchandise. Skincare merchandise are usually not manufactured to be hypoallergenic. These merchandise are profitable as a result of they scent good (fragrances), really feel good on the pores and skin, and keep recent (preservatives). I believe for folks with patch examined allergic contact dermatitis, it is rather necessary to observe the secure listing. However, if you have not had a patch take a look at but and have very delicate pores and skin, then search for Merchandise with as few substances as potential AND that would not have frequent pores and skin allergens is an affordable consideration.

Selection of moisturizers

Antiseptic moisturizer and staph micro organism

MarcieMom: Staph micro organism have been mentioned on my weblog, and we all know that eczema pores and skin that’s colonized by staph is not going to heal nicely because of the inflammatory toxins within the micro organism. Do moisturizers for eczema / dry pores and skin incorporate antiseptic properties? What antiseptics are actually really helpful for kids with eczema, and the way doubtless are they to annoy the pores and skin?

Dr. Steve Xu: In fact, treating staph colonization is a vital part in efficiently treating atopic dermatitis. Moisturizers usually would not have antibacterial substances. However we do know that broken or damaged pores and skin barrier facilitates staph colonization and progress. Subsequently, moisturizers play an necessary position in maintaining the pores and skin barrier intact in order that staph doesn’t trigger issues.

A minimum of within the US, we infrequently particularly suggest an “antiseptic” moisturizer. It’s fascinating to see that there are merchandise marketed as such. Us separate the usage of humectants (protecting barrier) and the elimination of colonizing micro organism (mupirocin ointment, bleach baths). On the whole, for our sufferers, we all the time suggest moisturizers for the preservation of the pores and skin barrier, however they are typically extra reactive in terms of recommending bleach baths or mupirocin ointment on the signal of a superinfection (formation of pustules).

That being mentioned, lauric acid is definitely an ingredient that’s changing into more and more common. It’s the key part of coconut oil, which has been proven to have a variety of antibacterial properties.

To summarize, I believe there may be most likely a profit to utilizing antiseptics extra recurrently to regulate atopic dermatitis. We all know that the pores and skin of youngsters with eczema has fewer antimicrobial peptides, pure micro organism that struggle the proteins produced by the pores and skin. There are not any massive comparative research evaluating coconut oil (moisturizer + antiseptic properties) with a daily moisturizer within the administration of atopic dermatitis. However I believe there may be some profit right here which may be actual for some sufferers who’ve a selected sensitivity to staph colonization.

The skin of children with eczema is more susceptible to colonization by staph bacteria
The pores and skin of youngsters with eczema is extra inclined to colonization by staph micro organism

Additionally, frequent over-the-counter topical antibiotics, comparable to Neomycin and bacitracin are infamous brokers for inflicting allergic contact dermatitis.. We usually don’t suggest them for kids with atopic dermatitis. In the USA, we desire topical mupirocin (prescription solely). This drug hardly ever causes allergic contact dermatitis in comparison with neomycin or bacitracin.

Age of allergic contact dermatitis

Within the article1, it was talked about that research have proven that there are completely different ages (instances) in which there’s a most prevalence of contact allergy amongst youngsters, being

  1. 0-3 years – might be resulting from an immature pores and skin barrier, together with decrease lipid content material, fewer pure moisturizers, greater pH, and thinner dermis
  2. 6-7 years
  3. Adolescence

MarcieMom: Is there a sure group of youngsters who usually tend to have contact dermatitis? Lowering this even additional, Is there a selected profile of youngsters with eczema who usually tend to even have contact dermatitis?

Dr. Steve Xu: This can be a nice query. I believe definitely older youngsters and youths may have had larger publicity to potential allergens over time. Nonetheless, an allergic contact dermatitis can happen at any age, together with younger youngsters. I believe an important factor is to have a excessive index of suspicion of allergic contact dermatitis in youngsters with atopic dermatitis.

Is your kid’s atopic dermatitis not getting higher regardless of the very best remedy?

Does your kid’s atopic dermatitis seem in areas which have by no means appeared earlier than?

Are there eczematous rashes that appear to happen in the identical locations, such because the stomach button, neck, waist, or wrist? Do the eruptions seem linear (straight) or rectangular?

We now have had many pediatric sufferers with secure atopic dermatitis who would inexplicably worsen or not reply to remedy. After the patch take a look at, we might establish a standard allergen like nickel. The rashes is not going to enhance except nickel is prevented.


Within the article1 it was talked about that probably the most “allergenic” corticosteroids are:

  1. Budesonide
  2. Trixocortal pivalate
  3. Hydrocortisone butyrate

The least allergenic are these with halogenated C16 methylated molecules and so as of accelerating efficiency:

  1. Aclomethasone Dipropionate
  2. Betamethasone valerate
  3. Memoetaone furoate
  4. Deoxymethasone
  5. Clobatesol propionate
Corticosteroids: potency and allergenicity
Corticosteroids: efficiency and allergenicity

Once more, there’s a risk that youngsters with atopic dermatitis will use extra topical steroids and due to this fact change into hypersensitive over time.

MarieMom: The article talked about the classification of topical steroid lotions utilizing completely different teams, primarily based on their probability of being contact allergens. The probability could also be because of the completely different molecular construction (steroid), the opposite non-steroidal substances within the prescription cream, how lengthy it’s used, and the way occlusive it’s (topical steroid lotions with moist wraps are usually not really helpful as absorption charges are extra greater than anticipated when occluded).

MarcieMom: What are frequent steroid lotions prescribed for younger youngsters with eczema? And the way doubtless are they to trigger contact dermatitis?

Dr. Steve Xu: On the whole, a real allergic contact dermatitis to topical steroids is sort of uncommon. Aclomethasone and deoxymethasone are common decisions.

I’ll say that typically it’s best to not all the time go for the least hypoallergenic topical steroid at first. Within the overwhelming majority of the time, youngsters is not going to have a contact allergy to a topical steroid. If we search a hypoallergenic topical steroid and a contact allergy develops, we may have fewer therapeutic choices sooner or later.

MarcieMom: Thanks Dr. Steve on your time to assist with this collection; I am actually glad for this interview, because it has definitely launched me to contact dermatitis in youngsters (the place it was beforehand regarded as distant).

References: 1. Hannah Hill, Alina Goldenberg, Linda Golkar, Kristyn Beck, Judith Williams, and Sharon E. Jacob (2016): Pre-Emptive Avoidance Technique (PEAS): Addressing Allergic Contact Dermatitis in Pediatric Populations, Skilled Evaluate of Medical Immunology, DOI: 10.1586 / 1744666X.2016.1142373

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