Kid's DermaCalm Syrup for Child Eczema -Berry Flavor
Kid's DermaCalm Syrup for Child Eczema -Berry Flavor
Kid's DermaCalm Syrup for Child Eczema -Berry Flavor
Kid's DermaCalm Syrup for Child Eczema -Berry Flavor

Kid's DermaCalm Syrup for Child Eczema -Berry Flavor

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Eczema is a highly prevalent dermatological disease that can severely affect your kid's quality of life. Especially in winter, when symptoms tend to be at their worst.

Not to mention those kids from school who can be vicious sometimes.

We can bet that you tried everything that your good parenting heart could think of (from Aloe vera to corticosteroids) only to see some temporary progress?!

And when you stop using them, your kid's skin would break out worse than before?!

Therefore, leaving your kid to rub against bedding or other things to relieve the itch.

We believe that there are 3 simple steps to follow to get the most out of any eczema supplements you decide to try;

  1. Read up and know about the positive health benefits
  2. Want it more than anything and give it your all
  3. At first, give it consistently to your kid and wait for a smile

    When you're looking for help, we cant help differently but to provide you an answer...

    Kid's DermaCalm Eczema Syrup

    What is Kid's DermaCalm eczema syrup?

    Kid's DermaCalm is an alcohol-free herbal syrup specially designed for children's eczema or dermatitis. It combines potent all-natural ingredients that trace their origins back to China, Japan, and Korea.

    This ancient Asian secret holds some of the most potent adaptogenic plants (Honeysuckle bud, Forsythia fruit, Siler root, Schizonepeta herb, Poria sclerotium, Dense fruit Dittany, Atractylodes rhizome )...

    ... so you can see your kid's face smiling but this time without the redness.

    Why should you use Kid's DermaCalm eczema syrup?

    Because our syrup is not just another medicine but a cleansing system that is designed for your kid's body to get rid of toxins. By it'self.

    Herbal enzymes will continuously break toxins down throughout the body and helping your kid flush them out.

    Unlike creams/ornaments (no mess or weird smell), Kid's DermaCalm treats the root cause eczema by stimulating the body's recovery response instead of just band-aiding the symptoms.

    And DermaCalm eczema syrup comes with jar-like berry flavor.

    Start the healing from the inside out.

    Our story is not anecdotal. It's backed up with real since evidence and will make more for your kid's skin than you thought it's possible.

    Let's take the first step together...

    • I can't believe bacteria just enters our bodies without asking! Deflect the effects of eczema by killing the bacteria first with Forsythia fruit and Honeysuckle flower. These two are the most potent combination and are also the core treatment for treating the heat pattern of eczema, in which an antimicrobial effect is found. So, yes, flower power is real!


    • Powerful, yet gentle itch relief. Schizonepeta herb has been traditionally used by the Japanese and Chinese people for several hundred years to treat skin disorders and all types of itchiness. Also, enabling your child to get rid of harmful and poisonous toxins from the body. Several scientific pieces of research have validated that the herb cures skin contagions by stimulating blood circulation inside the skin as well as by encouraging sweating. (
    • No Red patches = happy face. Thanks to the Siler root, in our unique blend, Kid's DermaCalm eczema syrup focuses on the redness of eczema and toxicity in the upper layers of skin and is an excellent formula for clearing inflammation and toxins specifically from the head and face. It triggers an immunological mechanism that plays an essential role in the pathogenesis of atopic dermatitis (eczema).


    • Missing link parents don't know about. Most types of eczema are not allergies. But this disease can blaze up when you're around things that cause an allergic reaction. Your kid might get hives, itching, swelling, sneezing, and a runny nose. We bypassed that with Atractylodes japonica that has a stoping mechanism on allergy, thus reducing above mentioned conditions.


    • Kick-off your lazy-ass immune system with Poria sclerotium. This medicinal mushroom reveals its true face in developing therapeutic strategies against Th2-mediated immune disorders. In other words, new research showed that a better immune system you child has the more protective lipids (waxy substances vital to healthy skin) are against cracking and more effective at maintaining moisture — no more dry skin.


    Imagine a product that actually does what it claims. Did you? Now take a sip of Kid's DermaCalm eczema syrup, taste that berry flavor, and let the magic happen. Never again feel embarrassed because people are eyeballing the hands or face of your kid while talking to you. Subside the dry skin and banish the redness forever, and finally get some sleep: you and your kid.

    NOTE;  Our alcohol-free syrup is safe for small kids (1-4 years old).

    Kid's DermaCalm eczema syrup - WORKS FAST EACH AND EVERY TIME for both symptom itching relief AND healing.

    Take the third step...

    Because no parent wants to see their child suffers from eczema

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